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Best Damp Proofer in the local area

Here at Paul Thompson Remtec Plastering & Damp Proofing we offer the prime damp proofing services in the local area. Our experts are capable of tackling both rising and penetrative damp as well as any condensation problems you may be having. To do this, all of our damp proofers use a range of tests and specialist equipment to locate sources of weakness in your masonry and proof them against any potential damp issues occurring. For a full breakdown of our services contact us through our booking form today.

Damp detection experts

There’s no use attempting to rectify a damp problem before locating the source of the issues. We offer conclusive damp proofing checks designed to locate any potential hazards as well as find the source of your troubles. Often damp can arise through a number of things including new patios laid ineffectively, flower beds, lack of drainage, as well as badly constructed extensions. Whatever your issue, we’re dedicated to helping you out.

Damp proofing services

Damp proofing is a term used to define the prevention of damp in buildings. Damp, is a common household problem that can result in serious interior and exterior home damages and subsequently, wet, cold and uncomfortable living conditions. When installed by professionals, damp proofing prevents moisture and water from damaging interior spaces and entering your home. It also prevents a myriad of structural problems like; wet rot, dry rot, and wet rising damp. We can successfully damp proof home basements, cellars, and walls.

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